Went from losing 50 K to making 1 Million+ in revenue annually in less that 14 months

Before working with us:

Emcare is a medical training organization offering courses in BLS, CPR, AED and IV training.  Prior to working with us and although they had a great name, Emcare was struggling to fill courses and was experiencing ups and downs in booking consistency. Their web presence was lacking and they filled most courses through word of mouth.

After working with us:

Emcare generated 1 million in revenue and due to their increased popularity and consistently booked-out calendars, Emcare hired multiple contractor instructors to meet the demand across New Zealand. After some time, courses were booked out for months in advance and were conducting training all over New Zealand both North and South Island. 

With our help, Johan and Janina transformed Emcare into a renowned medical training brand.

The process:

Johan came to us looking to rejuvenate Emcare and we started running a highly effective SEO campaign nationally by targeting location-based keywords. We focused on high transnational keywords that had customer purchase intent which drove traffic and ultimately bookings to their website. 

We are incredibly proud to be their digital partner these past years. Hopefully, you will develop a relationship as we have with Emcare to this day