Helping First Aid Providers Double Their Course Bookings

Digital First Aid is the first marketing lead & conversion machine built specifically to help first aid trainers increase their bookings.

Lead generation

Through our tested messaging platforms, pipelines and content funnels, we know how to get eyeballs peering at your first aid courses.

Lead conversion

Tricker than being seen, convincing someone is the stumbling block of many online offers. But with our proven scripts we’re able to greatly increase the conversion process.


Like any responsible parent, we pack our Digital First Aid offer with a nutritious, systemised web design, social media and content approach.


Our mission with Digital First Aid

Our goal is to transform your business into a course booking powerhouse whether you offer physical or mental first aid training, you can be sure of bringing in a consistent number of bookings year round.

Get course bookings on autopilot

Set up your Digital First Aid funnel through our Customer Relationship Manager software or use our templates to redirect new and returning customers.

Digital First Aid - What we provide


What we offer

Work with us as your marketing partner or take your pick from our tried and tested methods in the first aid training field.

Website optimisation

Turn your website into a high-functioning conversion machine and gain more bookings than ever before with engaging content, graphics and CTA’s (Call To Actions).

Professional coaching

Take advantage of our world-class coaching program, led by Digital First Aid developer Gareth Melia. Regular coaching ensures you not only have the gear to succeed but the knowledge too.

Full-service marketing

Access our entire offering, from website optimisation to funnel creation and professional coaching. Selecting the entire package means we can craft custom-fit lead generation from the get-go.


Our approach to First Aid Marketing

A chief never makes an omellete once. Nor will any other professional.

So while each of our clients season their courses differently, the core ingredients of our offer remain the same. We bake using our key strategy, noting each time how we can improve and remain at the top of the game. 

And in the end, we’re the ones who’ve consistently broken the most eggs.

Repeat, rinse, repeat

Although we pride ourselves on being professionals, we see every new job as a chance to learn and sharpen our skillset.

Conversions first

We don’t believe in just being liked; we want outcomes for our efforts. We don’t just expect this for ourselves but for your business too.

Tech professionals

Our background is in website development, design and online marketing. If it’s digital, we’ve got our hooks into it.

Belief in the story

It’s more than just random chance that made us choose first aid trainers. It’s a whole lot of strategy and more than a little luck.

What an Effective First Aid Marketing Package Needs to Cover

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